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We offer customized commercial waste management solutions to organizations from hotels to schools.


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We help business adopt sustainable and environmentally responsible recycling practices.


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We focus on disposing of all waste sustainably and minimizing environmental impact.

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We are a Leading Global Waste Management Company, Committed to The Environment

At Aciclo, we pride ourselves to be one of the industry leading waste management solutions provider, with one of the most innovative food waste recycling technology and excellence in service.

Services & Solutions

We offer customized industry-specific food waste management, quality control & sustainability solutions for businesses and corporations.

Site Inspection
An on-site assessment involves touring your organization's facility, observing different function areas or departments' activities, and talking with employees and managers about waste-producing, activities and equipment.
Waste Assessment
A waste assessment is an analysis of waste composition at your site in order to give us an overarching understanding of problems and also identify potential opportunities for your organisation.
Solution Assessment
An solution assessment will be performed upon analysing your organisation's wastes management needs. The best suited solution will be customised for all your needs in order to provide you with continued results from your sustainability efforts.
Upon installation of our systems, training will be provided for your food wastes operators within your organisation to educate, bring awareness and introduce the new waste management processes.
Once our systems are installed, we can also help you track and measure results, troubleshoot technical issues and amplify progress towards your sustainability goals.

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Circular Economy

At Aciclo, our business are guided solely on the 5 R's Principles - Recycling Hierarchy.

Tons of Waste Disposed Yearly
Tonnes of Waste Recycled Yearly


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Client Testimonials

The system enabled us to save at least 3,600 trash bags a year, providing a significant reduction of waste going to incinerators and landfills. Adopting the system in our kitchen operations is not only aligned with our own brand values of protecting the environment, it is also aligned with government’s efforts in minimizing waste in Singapore.
Marriott Courtyard Singapore
Executive Chef – Mr. John Chye Marriott Courtyard Singapore
Wastes was increasing significantly especially after the opening of Terminal 3 where we saw a significant jump in our wastes level. My team and I were looking at ways to manage the rising costs and reduce weightage of wastes. We adopted the food digestor system in Terminal 3 three years ago and with its success, we have systems implemented across Terminal 1 to Terminal 4 today, which also in turn had our CAG community raised awareness of this Green initiative.
Facilities Management (Planning), Changi Airport Group
Senior Manager - Mr. Jerome Francis Facilities Management (Planning), Changi Airport Group

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